Apr 30

While I was brushing my teeth this morning I looked in the mirror and decided that today I was going to go into work and stuff something up so badly it will take 2 weeks work and tens of thousands of dollars to fix.

Don't believe me? Good because it isn't true ... but ... I have had days where I or my employees have gone into work and stuffed something up so badly that it has taken 2 weeks and tens of thousands of dollars to fix. If I (or they) didn't decide to do it then how in hell did it happen? More...

Apr 08

A casual glance at these two maps shows that nations with the strongest Rule of lawW are pretty much the nations with the strongest EconomyW and vice-versa. Why?

While this is a highly complex question that has engaged great minds for millennia that is not going to stop me from throwing out my own off the cuff answer. More...

Apr 07

Following on from me recent posts, ABC Radio National's the Philosopher's Zone recently discussed these very issues - you can find the audio here