Feb 05

The Sydney Opera House during Vivid Sydney (2013).

When I first started my career as an electrical building services consulting engineer way back in the twentieth century, an older and wiser mechanical engineer gave me the heads up about my career choice. He said, "Building services is a thankless task: people don't care if they're a comfortable temperature, or they can see, or they can go to the toilet - they only care if they can't. If you do your job right, no one will notice; if you do it wrong, everyone will."

As I have posted before, I believe that engineers are enablers; building services engineers particularly so. Like the cinematographer, the choreographer, the anaesthetist and the teacher, our role is to make other people shine.

I am happy to embrace the anonymity of the role and to design (and build) systems that work without the user really needing to think about it. It is for that reason that the following quote sits at the top of our Design procedure:

Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent. 
Joe Sparano, Oxide Design Co.