Our staff of professionally qualified engineers has extensive experience in building services for buildings, infrastructure and ships. From pre-purchase inspections, through design and documentation to status audits we can provide the engineering your facility needs. We have expertise in:

  • Hydraulic Engineering
    • Stormwater including detention and quality improvement devices
    • Sanitary Drainage and Plumbing
    • Grey and Black water treatment
    • Fire Hydrant, Fire Hose Reel and Fire Sprinkler Services
    • Domestic Cold Water
    • Recycled Water
    • Rainwater capture and re-use
    • Hot Water (electric, gas, heat pump and/or solar)
    • Pump Stations
  • Electrical Engineering
    • Power distribution and reticulation
    • Emergency and standby power generation
    • Lighting
    • Emergency & exit lighting
    • Fire detection systems
    • Emergency warning & intercommunication systems
    • Telecommunications infrastructure for voice and data
    • Control systems
    • Energy Efficiency

We can provide lump-sum fee proposals for specific projects or are available on a do-and-charge basis. For any assistance you need please call a member of our team at anytime on (02) 9570 5699.